About Us

The Brand

Handmade hair that comes from the originality of the best Neapolitan artisans

A rocky beach, a sudden gust of wind, a hat flies off the head of an elderly gentleman and ends up there on the feet of a viscous little boy. In vain turn out to be the family’s insistent proclamations in having the headgear returned to its rightful owner. Fate, guided by the wind, indicated the trajectory. The power and imagination of the child decreed its possession.
No one can get the heirloom out of his hands.
The elderly man smiles, stoops with difficulty toward the infant and in a shrill voice decrees the passage, “Keep it and treasure it, never bow your head before anything, always carry it with your head held high.”

Thus begins the bond between Revertera and me.

The Mission

Our love for the art of handmade production is encapsulated in a path of experience characterized by quality, careful tailoring and unique style.
What all our handcrafted hair has in common is the rigorously made-in-Italy manufacture and the originality of the best Neapolitan artisans, experts in experimenting and combining materials and shapes to make an exclusive product.
Wearing one of our hats is an experience, owning it a necessity born of a child’s stubbornness in making room for himself in a world of grown-ups with his head held high.

Our Logo

The revertera logo encapsulates the ideas of the three founding brothers by expressing the hard work and sacrifices that the hat factory has sustained with commitment and professionalism